Tuesday, December 20, 2005

magic copier

Remember that annoying, not too bright girl in elementary school that thought she was so clever by copying your test answers over your shoulder? You knew she was doing it, everyone did, and it just made her look pathetic and annoying. That's how I feel about Canadian Idol.

Sass Jordan? Her name rings a bell but I can't figure out why her career should provide any basis for being a judge of what's hot and not in modern pop. AT LEAST get Alanis Morissette or something. And of course there's the token black dude to counter Randy Jackson. Farley, why don't you go work on Maestro's career.. it's quickly dwindling. Or maybe you're too busy inviting 17-year-olds to your Much Music Video Awards after party like you did with me and my girlfriends back in 1999. Creep!

The Simon clone is also annoying. At least feign some other extreme personality trait. It's just so sickeningly contrived.

Don't even get me started on the latest Canadian Idol winner, Melissa O'Neil. I'm sure she's a great girl, and yes she can sing but she sounds exactly like Kelly Clarkson. Her new single 'Let It Go' might as well be the 'Since U Been Gone' remix. That's all fine and dandy until the pre-teen market is saturated. I guess that's the main goal anyway. Don't any musicians want longevity anymore? It's all just flash in the pan success now.

Just look at the impact Canadians can make when they don't copy American pop culture. Trailer Park Boys, Tom Green, K-OS, Alanis Morrissette, Jim Carrey, and Mike Myers have all given us something interesting and original. Of course, then they all defect to Yankee Land.

The US is sucking our will to live!


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