Tuesday, June 03, 2008

new roots=p.o.r.n.

I'm not sure if I'm totally into the new Roots album, Rising Down, just yet. Usually it takes time to fully appreciate a good album. First impressions are that they seem to be delving further into the experimental acoustic art and the subject matter is pretty gloomy. The Roots have historically commented on the state of the world in their work, so I guess it makes sense for them to join the doomsday prophets.

One element that stood out for me right away was the rapper p.o.r.n. He's only featured on a couple tracks, but the verse that really stood out for me was on 'I Can't Help It':

I never said I'm ready to die, but I accept it, never said i"m ready for war, but I'm protected, I don't even know when its coming but I expect it, lost thoughts innocent hopes an now I'm left with nervous conditions, addictions, in addition to prisons that mixed in to the wrong crowd, My life is on a flight that going down, My mother had an abortion for the wrong child, With the time I felt loved, thats gone now, Thats replaced with purples rays some storm clouds, Misery love Misery, so why make friends lets make enemies, An now I got a habit thats wasn't meant for me, Now im in a marriage that wasn't meant to be, One more reason to change identity, The cars, the crime, K's, penalties.

I might even go as far as to say that p.o.r.n. has the self deprecating lyrical genius of a well known white rapper from Detroit... the tracks he chose to highlight on his myspace page leave something to be desired, but we'll see how his career progresses, if he can manage to keep his self proclaimed addictions to drugs and women in check. Interesting that The Roots would feature such an artist after tracks like 'The Water'. Perhaps it is all just for show. p.o.r.n. really seems to have talent though...


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