Friday, August 17, 2007

YOU make me suicidal

Silly me to think that popular music would ever break from the trend of being formulaic and milking every tried and true trend until the bitter end. Case in point - Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'. The song that's blazing up the charts and infiltrating every radio dial is nothing new... a carbon copy of an old classic (Stand By Me), paired with some simple lyrics. The masses LOVE it! Of course they do, everyone loves nostalgia.

I'm so sick of new artists piggy-backing on the brilliance and success of classic songs by pandering to the general population's love for nostalgia. I thought that pop music might have been heading in another direction with groups like Black Eyed Peas, who I sort of detest, but that's just my personal taste, but at LEAST they were creative and ORIGINAL. Will.I.Am is practically a musical genius! And I LOVE artists like MIA who constantly keep us on our toes with innovation.

Sure, it was kinda cool and novel when P Diddy started sampling 80's classics, but now it's just getting tired. It's become a cop out... the easy way to surefire success. Come on people, please demand better, don't scream 'omg I love this song!' when shit like this comes on the radio. It is garbage. If you did even a smidgen of research on new music you would be flabbergasted at the wealth of great stuff out there. Some artists are actually creative! Some thrive on taking chances with new sounds coupled with intelligent lyrics! I sort of feel bad for those artists though... since at this rate, their brilliance will one day be raped by some money hungry, fresh faced pop star who can't wrap their head around the idea of being original and developing their own sound.


Blogger Tiago Mac said...

Sorry Jessica but i don't divide with you this point of view... like, some day in some place someone said: "Nothing is created, everything is copied"... i think that you work, and in your area i believe that at least 85% of what you do, you read in a book or someone teach you... but, the others 15% is what make this world more big, if you don't forget to teach to someone else of course *laugh!!
i seen that you live in Canada, right? i'm thinking in go to Canada after i finish my studies (to work and live...) maybe we can chat a little, i got some doubts about your country, do you can contact me? my msn/e-mail is the same: Have a nice day!

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