Monday, August 06, 2007

I really like The View

As much as I would like to strangle Elisabeth Hasselbeck, as much as I shudder to think that a young person like her could be so old fashioned in her super-right-wing-Christian ways, as much as she gets on my nerves, that's how much I enjoy the fact that there is a popular American TV talk show that brings such controversial issues to the table as the Evolution/Creation in Education debate for discussion among the women from all generations and viewpoints.

This morning it all started with Elisabeth bringing some fun new toys to the table - a line of biblical action figures now available at Wal Mart! She was excited that such controversial items in our super-PC world would be available at such a mainstream distributor with a history of being extremely picky about their inventory. The fact that anyone should be taking moral cues from a monster such as Wal Mart is another story altogether, as is the question of whether or not Elisabeth would be opposed to any other religious characters being introduced into the edu-tainment industry.

I'm just happy that an open dialogue about these kinds of things is being televised into the homes of middle-America and I hope that everyone watching is intelligent enough to take all viewpoints into consideration and perhaps even understand the difference between personal beliefs and facts, ie the important separation between church and state. I also wonder whether the Jesus Campers have a cardboard cutout of Elisabeth that they bow to at the altar like they did with GW.

Jesus Camp is still my favourite movie.


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hasselbeck could get it

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