Monday, April 25, 2005

High Contrast

For real y'all the world is a sex machine - Pussy Galore, The Roots.

Being an employee of the media, I get to attend various events of all kinds around the city. On Sunday night, I had the thought provoking experience of going to two very different events within a short period of time. One was a short concert by the artist featured below, K'Naan. One was a promotional launch party for a new beer called Molson Kick.

The K'Naan show was an intimate gathering of artsy fartsy hip hoppers and film student types. They were all there to see the documentary that featured Somalian Hip Hop artist K'Naan and also to see him perform live. During his performance, he bonded with the audience and had them singing along to his politically charged, african style hip hop songs. He delivered a message of the importance of love and taught us about the suffering in his home country. I left his show feeling as though we had all shared a beautiful moment and learned something together.

I walked down the street to another venue where a promotional launch party for Molson's new beer, Kick, was being held. The gimmick about Kick is that it has an extra ingredient not present in other beers - caffeine. Great idea. Now all the drunks will be really hyper too!

The party was full of movers and shakers who had probably received invites due to their occupations of influence. It was a total sausage fest. Props to the PR people for drawing the target demo. The entertainment consisted of topless twigs with implants and teased hair posing on the stage. The hyper drunks really got a kick out of them! And there were various go-go dancers jiggling on their platforms around the club.

I left the venue feeling cheap, with the taste of crappy beer in my mouth wondering if there were any intelligent beer drinkers in the world. Personally, I find John Sleeman's approach to advertising refreshing.


Blogger David said...

John Sleeman is the man, shout out to the 905's fines beermaker. Actually two years ago Chris and I were trying to steal the giant wooden logo off the side of their factory, but eventually decided it wouldn't fit in the car so we left it.

Molson and LaBatt seem to be in a race to the bottom to discover the worst product possible, and are constantly trying to outretard each other.

3:00 AM  

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