Wednesday, April 06, 2005


John Legend Posted by Hello
Maybe his name refers to the fact that he's been compared to the legendary Stevie Wonder. Listen to his latest single - Ordinary People - and you can hear the influence in the piano intro. In interviews he's even said that he gets asked to sing the R&B legend's songs on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if artists like being compared so frequently to another artist, or if they prefer to be seen as coming with something original. That seems to be a silly question in this case since John is being compared to a literal legend in the music industry. Certainly can't hurt his PR! And with producers like Kanye West behind him, everything seems to be moving in his favour. But this singer/musician has enough talent to hold his own, even without the superstar production and comparisons. See for yourself and check out his latest single Ordinary People, and the previous release, featuring production from Kanye West, I Used To Love You.


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